GoG versus Steam


I know this is a controversial subject and there are diehard fans on both sides but I wanted to put my two cents into the subject. This will not but a long post but I felt the need to post it going recent actions by GoG with the game Quake.

Quake was given a Remaster recently and was given free on steam to anyone who already bought the game previously. The update isn’t available on GoG and it could be as long as two years before it goes to GoG because Some users on the forum have stated that updates have taken as long as two years to get on there. That is too long regardless of who is to blame for that long period of time.

If you want the update now you would have to go rebuy it on Steam which I might end up doing. That is a double buy of a game. So if you want to have the latest updates of a game some of which have huge upgrades and even remasters for free then buy it on Steam.

Steam also has awesome support, and their user forums are much better and the users seem very understanding and helpful. 


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