Some of you might have heard of Dreamhost web hosting services, and even if you haven't, you might be looking for a company to host your website. I used Dreamhost for years, so I have great familiarity with them.
I have been doing websites since the very early days of websites. I had a blog when blogging first started, and that was before the PHP days. We had to use CGI based blogging software. I used WordPress before it was a CMS and didn't have page functionality. When I said CGI I mean the .cgi file format programming language for web sites and servers.
I wanted to tell you that so you would know that when I review Dreamhost, it's from a technology, computer background and not just a regular consumer.


Dreampress is a managed WordPress hosting service Dreamhost has. It's a VPN they automatically set up for you with WordPress installed. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone at all. First of all, they don't have a config file installed that tells WordPress who much ram to use and what site of a file you can upload. The file size tiny and hardly any audio file would be small enough to use the WordPress file uploader. To fix that you need to make an FTP the config file to WordPress yourself.
The site regularly goes down, and at times even the Wordpress admin is unusable. They say it's plugins, but I did troubleshooting and found out that wasn't the case. When the site was up, it loaded very slowly. I tried their shared hosting, and it was even worse. You might say upgrade the ram dreampress. I tried that, and it didn't help.


They don't have their own domain registry they used another company, and I have noticed they don't communicate very well with each other. Trying to transfer a domain from them is horrible and very slow. They are supposed to set an email to you or show up on your Dreamhost login so you can approve the transfer. That doesn't happen, so you have to go by blind faith; they got the transfer out request. I live chatted with them several times asking them if they got the request and said no and that the new company never sent it. I know for a fact the new company did send it. After a long time, the transfer went through, but it never showed on the login until it was gone from them completely. That is a miscommunication with their server and their registry they go through.


I can't recommend Dreamhost at all, even for just domain hosting.


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