Smart Speakers Listening?

Lately, I have heard a lot of press about Smart Speakers listening to all the conversations going on around it. There are both sides talking about that issue. One is for it and the other being against it. I see both bad and good points about listening to it. First, I will point out the bad.

The Bad

In the home, you should feel safe and private. Knowing that what you say isn’t being heard by someone. That doesn’t mean what you say it wrong at all. It just means that you want it just between you, your family, and friends. There is nothing wrong with that. I am a very private person myself, so I understand that. That has always been apart of civilization. There is a public side and a private side. That doesn’t mean you are different in public; it just means you are more open to the people that are close to you. That is what it means by being close to someone, you confide in them.
Where it’s an argument and both sides say things, they don’t mean or feel but just want to let off steam. Or, just saying how much you love someone that you wouldn’t say in public, for whatever reason that may be. Some people just don’t share their feelings in an open area. That isn’t good or bad that is just them. That makes them the way they are and that is ok either way.
Having that broken can change the outlook on the home is your castle feeling. That you can feel safe. Knowing you don’t have that private time with yourself or others can affect relationships in a bad way.

The Good

I have heard a report that a female was murdered and the last thing she said was picked up on the smart speaker. That clip can be vital to an investigation and bring closure to the family. It can also catch a murder and stop him from hurting anyone else. We all can agree that having that is a good thing and can make the home safer and more secure.
It’s not always bad having a monitor in the home. I can pick up a baby crying and needing help with the caregiver has fallen asleep and can’t hear. A call can be made to someone to see what is going on. When you are asleep you can’t hear what is going on especially if you are a deep sleeper and don’t get awaken by a noise. What if someone breaks in the speaker can hear it and by knowing the people are asleep can call the police. That can save lives and priceless valuables.
It’s not always bad to have a speaker monitor the home either it’s you are wanting it to play a song or listening to make sure everything is ok.


As I said, there is good and bad to having a speaker listen to everything. This post isn’t saying that all speakers listening to everything all the time. That hasn’t been proven as of this writing. There have been reports though like the female being murdered that they do pick up important conversations that need to be heard. Having a setting saying to listen to everything and monitor then report to a certain number or the police would be a great setting to have. That would enhance the speaker in all ways. Many would buy more just for that feature. That setting would also help those that don’t want to listen in on.
Maybe also have a setting that says release recording to police if it involves crime and it was recorded. That would help the police not have to go through hoops just to solve a crime helping the families involved get closer and get the criminal off the streets saving other lives in the process.
That is just my thoughts on the matter.


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